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Below are popular answers to common questions. I appreciate
if you could locate your answer (below) instead of contacting
me first, as this will save you time and trouble. Thank you

Q: I don't like using my credit card online, and I would prefer to pay with PayPal?

Answer: We take your privacy very seriously, Wizzlinks has a SSL secure certificate (green https topleft). This now makes Wizzlinks as secure as PayPal! because of this extra seriously your payment details are 100% encryption when you use Visa, Master Card.

Q. Does this software run on Windows or Mac?

All software works on Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 (32/64-bit).
We now also sell 20 software titles for Macintosh computers (see home page below).

Q: I’m a first-time buyer. How do I order an item from Wizzlinks. What is the process?

Answer: Select the item and on the next page enter in your payment details (SSL secure). Then click the Process button… and on the next page right-click on the download button to save your file to your computer hard drive.

Q. Why is this software so cheap?

Answer: These are cheap because they are downloads, they do not include
a box or paper manual. They include install steps for full unlimited use.

Q. Has this software being tested?

Answer: All the software has been checked and tested, and works on Windows.

Q. Can I register/activate this software?

Answer: This software should not be registered, also I do not recommend any updates for the software.

Q. I made payment, but when is my download link?

Answer: You should have got your download link after payment is make. Please contact Wizzlinks.

Q. I cannot find or locate my download files?

Try doing a Windows file search to find this program or look into your download folder or simply download it again.

Q. Can I tell a friend about your website?

Answer: Yes, I appreciate customers who refer my website to family and friends.

Q. Do you give refunds?

Answer: We have a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you are not happy after you download a program you can get a full refund.

Q. The exe file I downloaded will not extract?

Answer: This is usually due to an incomplete download, wait 24 hours and download the exe file again.

Q. I have problems installing my software?

Answer: Your PC settings or an older software version is effecting the installation process. Solution; Uninstall & delete all old versions, folders or files and restart your PC and turn off your anti-virus software. Then read the "Install.txt" file very carefully and try to understand and follow each step exactly.

Q. I cannot find the Keygen to install my software?

Answer: If you can not find/see the keygen; your anti-virus software makes it disappear. Turn off your anti-virus software, then when you have installed the software turn it back on again.

Q. Photoshop serial number does not work?

Answer: Check to make sure the "hosts" file is not Read-Only.